Why You Should Attend

Can you answer these basic questions

  1. How many scorecards are there in FICO’s most recent model?
  2. FICO scores range is 300 to 850. If the score card you are being scored on ranges from 510 to 690 do you start with a 510 and build up or start with a score of 690 and lose points?
  3. Do you know how the XB compliance condition code affects a credit score?
  4. What code is applied to remove the XB code?
  5. Do you know what inquiry Bumpage is?
  6. Under what conditions will the credit bureaus suppress an item instead of deleting it and what is the difference?
Why Attend

Who Should Attend

Credit Professionals
Credit Counselors
Consumer Protection
Credit Repair Companies
Non Profit Organizations
Industry Experts
Industry Leaders