Tal Tepper

Tal Tepper

Upsell Nation CEO

Tal Tepper is the CEO and Founder of UpSellNation.com, the industry’s top auxiliary Products and Services provider.  Mr. Tepper is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and business strategist. 

On the heels of the mortgage bubble burst of 2008, Mr. Tepper, a veteran owner and operator of Mortgage and Automobile Financial Entities, entered the Credit Repair arena.  He hoped to assist the many Americans who were suffering from the fallout of the aforementioned financial crisis. 

Although credit monitoring and credit building products are integral to operating a credit repair business, very few suitable options were available at the time. Those available did not want to work with credit repair organizations [CROs] and/or had a very lengthy approval process. It was also difficult to track and keep accounting of sales and, worst of all, they often sold their data to the likes of Lexington Law. 

Mr. Tepper looked for a solution where CROs could gain access to reliable, CRO friendly and easily trackable products.  Not finding such a solution Mr. Tepper decided to combine his decades of experience with credit, finance, technology, and marketing to assist his fellow CROs. This is how UpSellNation.com was born! 

UpsellNation is an innovative platform that took extensive resources and more than five years to develop.  It can best be described as One-Stop-Shop for all CRO Products and Services. 

With a single registration at UpSellNation.com, a CRO is automatically approved for all top auxiliary Products and Services needed to start, grow, and scale a Credit Repair business.   

UpSellNation.com is a direct partner, broker and/or exclusive vendor for the credit repair industry’s main monetizable products and services: Dozens of Credit Monitoring Options [both RevShare and Bounty, including IDIQ, MyScoreIQ, ExtraCredit, FreeScore360…], Self, ExtraCard, Luxury Card, Prime and Subprime Credit Cards, Rent Reporting, Biz Credit Monitoring, Biz Credit Building and hundreds of other products and services.   

UpSellNation.com offers an extremely user-friendly experience, providing each affiliate with live 360 transparent view of all their auxiliary products and earnings.  

With Upsell, an affiliate deals with One Vendor, One Online Portal, and will receive One Monthly Cumulative Payout. The Upsell experience is simple, quick, and seamless.  

UpSellNation.com allows a CRO to focus on running and growing their business while Upsell and its’ support staff provide and manage all their auxiliary revenue streams.   

UpSellNation.com presently services and assists thousands of companies worldwide. 

Mr. Tepper lives in NY with his wife and four children. He is an avid mountain biker, volleyball enthusiast and a 35-year veteran Martial Artist, proudly holding multiple black belts.