Steve Palmieri

Founder | Pre Litigation

Steven Palmieri got into credit repair in 2008 and today runs the number 1 brand for credit repair pre-litigation disputes products. 

Early in Steven’s credit repair career, there were several things that he did which laid the foundation for the Credit Repair Pre-Litigation Disputes movement. First, Steven read a consumer protection law book called Fair Credit Reporting by the National Consumer Law Center which laid out the entire framework of how credit bureaus, debt collectors, and financial institutions are supposed to operate. Second, he purchased the training manual for the industry standard of how to report accurate data. This manual is called the Credit Reporting Resource Guide and the industry standard data format is called Metro2®. And finally, Steven went on a journey to find a lawyer with whom he could work in tandem to help his clients sue credit bureaus and data furnishers for not conforming to their own industry standard for accurate credit reporting.

Today, Steven Palmieri has the number 1 training course for CRO’s to learn credit repair pre-litigation disputes.  He also just launched Palmieri System which is the first pre-litigation disputes software.  This software helps CROs and attorneys run next-level credit repair practices.

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