Peter Maynard

Senior VP – Equifax

Peter leads the Data and Analytics Strategic Client Engagement team that focuses on identifying and driving innovative data and analytics solutions through co-innovation with customers. His responsibilities include analytical product development and innovation, identity linking and matching, identity fraud solutions, as well as data and model governance across Equifax’s global markets. Peter is heavily involved with Equifax’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Initiatives. Peter has been a part of the Equifax and FICO partnership which has jointly developed and launched The Data Decisions Cloud. Since 2015, the team has grown analytical revenue by over 10%, while generating six patent-pending technologies and implementing a global trended data capability. The key to the team’s successes are insanely curious analysts with a customer mindset that love to design market leading solutions. Prior to joining Equifax, Peter led data and analytics teams across Card, Banking, Consumer and Small Business lending at Capital One where he served as Vice President of Capital One’s Global Financial Services.
Dr. Maynard holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and also studied at the University of Rhode Island, where he received a B.S. in Applied Quantitative Economics.