Romano Toscano

Co-Founder and CEO of VioScore™ 

Romano Toscano is an experienced entrepreneur and a 20 year expert in the Artificial Intelligence space. He is the author of the upcoming book “Deal with it” to be released this year.  Romano is co-founder and CEO of VioScore™ a new holistic way of looking at people’s credit score. The – patented filled – VioScore™ looks at a persons whole life instead of “just” their ability to pay off debt. VioScore™ is based on the pyramid of needs called Maslow’s hierarchy and not by the trending Social Scoring systems.  VioScore™ is a unique way of looking at a person – the WHOLE person – not just their financial abilities.

VioScore™ aims to helps people with thin credit in addition to helping credit invisibles. Romano is currently in contract and under NDA with many international banks, insurance conglomerates, and multiple governments in the US and Europe.

Come and hear why VioScore™ intends to disrupt the US scoring system