Joe Zeibert

Joe Zeibert

FICO | Vice President of Mortgage and Capital Markets

Joe Zeibert has worked in the financial services and software industries for 15+ years, gaining experience at Bank of America and Ally Financial after starting his career at a boutique consulting and software firm. He is now a Vice President of Mortgage and Capital Markets at FICO.

Prior to joining FICO, Joe was the GM/VP of a division of a FinTech helping grow the customer base by over 100%.  Before making the jump out of the banking side he was recruited to Ally Financial to help launch their brand-new Mortgage line of business and helped build it from the ground up.  After the successful launch, Joe became the Senior Director of Product, Pricing, Credit & Analytics, where he managed four departments with over 40 employees.  Joe was recruited to Ally from his role at Bank of America, where he ran home equity pricing, and helped bring Bank of America from the 5th largest lender in that space to the 1st largest.  Prior to running HE pricing, Joe managed capital for the then $650+ Billion Dollar consumer balance sheet. 

As a seasoned financial services executive, he is passionate about driving the industry forward though innovation and most specially through the use of productized analytics, delivering best in class AI/ML solutions to the world’s best financial institutions.

In addition to his financial services work, Joe is also deeply involved in his community, having served on many local non-profit boards, predominantly focused on learning and education.

Joe and his family enjoy many activities outside of work, primary among them is mixed martial arts, where he and his son are Black Belts and his younger daughter is an orange belt, though she outranks his wife who is a white belt, but will now be rising up the ranks fast.