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Derrick A. Harper

Point Boosters

Mr. Derrick Harper Sr. A native of Swainsboro, GA, is an entrepreneur that has been able to successfully launch quite a few business models. With his flagship being Harper’s Trucking Co, he is also responsible for Founding The Credit Repair University, YULA (Young Urban Leaders of America), and the highly successful Point Boosters Co.(c).

His passion for systems and compliance is why lots of peers respect him. His success with this has led to him becoming one of most respected Credit Repair Experts in the industry. Now, he mentors and teaches business owners how to become successful credit experts in their fields, grow their business, while maintaining compliance. With holding multiple degrees from technology to law, he’s always had a thirst for knowledge without being restricted to one particular field of work.  The only permanent title Mr. Harper accepts proudly is the term “Veteran”, because he is a Proud Air Force Veteran that has an insurmountable amount of love for this great country.