Thomas Morrissey

Former TransUnion Senior ManagerĀ 

Mr. Morrissey was a Senior Manager, Data Science & Analytics, Client Consulting at the credit reporting agency TransUnion for 17 years. Thomas used bureau data for a variety of analytic and modeling purposes and delved deep into Metro 2 data and reporting practices.
Thomas was also a Finance & Risk Advisor at Dun & Bradstreet, a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics for more than 175 years.
Mr. Morrissey has been in financial services and credit risk management his entire 30-year career and is adept at helping financial institutions identify business issues, transform data into actionable intelligence, increase organizational performance, drive revenue, and improve client relationships.
Thomas has an MBA from Loyola University Chicago and BS in Business from Marquette University. He is a Director-at-Large for the American Statistical Association (Chicago Chapter) and an active consultant/ advisor with a number of global expert consulting network firms.